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Here are what I'm looking for. Obviously the missing official manuals are not mentioned.

I seek hopelessly...

Stornello Sport - Workshop Manual - 1st edition 1962 - missing : pages 35 to 54, 61, 63 to 85, 88 to 102

Zigolo 98cc - Parts List 1st edition - All references pages are missing !

Falcone - Parts List 1st edition. Missing references of drawings Dynamo, Fairing & Panniers, Lights & Cables, Lights
Falcone - Parts List 2nd edition. Missing second page of references for Tavola 4

Bearings - Gasket rings (Spi) - O-Rings table must be achieved

This table available on the floor "Technical tables and guides " of this website, is not complete. The O-ring parts is very incomplete.

During your "for making better" overhaul intervention please report dimensions and references of the bearings, gaskets rings and O-rings you change. Professionals are welcome !