Workshop Manuals

Here are official manuals from Mandello. All are not here bust most of them since 1921.

These manuals come from various sources : these are usually indicated in the “properties” of the file.

In the file name :
  • the suffix “Atel” indicates that it is an Workshop Manual
  • “mmaaaaa” or “mmaaa” indicates the month and year of the edition if possible
  • the language is sometimes indicated (I = Italian; GB = English; F = French; D = German; NL = Dutch; US = USA)

  • Many thanks to Anima Guzzista, Greg Bender,, Carlo Morino,, MPH, Renato Paganini, Franz from Bolzano, Paul from Netherland and so much others !

    Don't forget to get the Guzzi Bible : Guzziology by Dave Richardson, a technical documentation unique in the world !

    See also the Technical and Service Notes that complete the Parts List and workshop manuals.

    The following links are to the French site

    Small blocks
    Attention ! Since 2009 and the new V7 engines, the workshop manuals no longer include the detailed “Engine and Gearbox” part. You therefore need 2 manuals.

    Big blocks

    Monos and others
    Have a look to the Renato-Website and its Documentazione Tecnica !


    To find a document more easily inside La Guzzithèque, add “” after the title of your search completed with a space.
    This way, your search is limited to the site.
    Attention : the search result will open in the same page.